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Blue Cruise Holiday with Luxury Yacht Charter Turkey


Luxury Yacht Charter Turkey holidays allows you to have a holiday in peace and joy in the heart of the Blue Voyage. 

Blue cruise; It was discovered in the 1950s by Cevat Şakir and his friends. The author, famous for his novel The Fisherman of Halicarnassus; He preferred Bodrum and its bays to listen to his mind and enjoy life. The happiness that the Blue Voyage creates in itself; it is also frequently reflected in his books.

When you are researching Luxury Yacht Charter Turkey, you may not know how inspiring this route is. However, millions of people have been working for many years; prefers the Aegean Sea for a boat holiday. 

Bodrum, Marmaris and Fethiye in particular; You can anchor in sheltered bays in the hidden paradises of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. When planning a boat holiday, it is natural to encounter dozens of different options. Therefore; We would like to give brief information about the most preferred boats.

You can choose from 4 categories including motoryacht, gulet, luxury yachts and luxury gulets.

Motoryachts allow you to have a fast, modern and luxurious holiday experience. When you're cruising over the sea, you don't need wind.

Luxury yachts can be treated like larger versions of motoryachts. When planning your luxury yacht holiday Turkey, you can choose a boat according to the size of your group and the features you are looking for. Air-conditioned, non-air-conditioned or technologically equipped yachts can color your holiday.

Luxury Yacht Charter Turkey and Gulets

When planning Luxury Yacht Charter Turkey, gulet type yachts will also come across. Gulets; they are sailing boats that move more slowly than motor yachts. If you want a calm and slow-flowing holiday; Gulet type boats can help you. 

While gliding gracefully in the sea, you can sit on the end of the boat and watch the sunset in the sky.

Luxury yacht charter on holiday in Turkey; Gulets are not as modern boats as motoryachts. If you want a comfortable, luxurious and speed-free holiday, it would be best to choose a motoryacht.

Another important point will be how you design your holiday plan. Have you pre-determined your route?

Or do you prefer the bays and regions you know on the same route every year? You may also be looking to rent a boat for the first time.

Maybe you are experienced in boat holidays, but you are curious about luxury yacht options.

There are beautiful bays in Bodrum to enjoy the blue voyage. Whichever of the above people you are, you can have a fabulous holiday around Bodrum. 

Bodrum is a comfortable starting point for those who want to sail for the first time. 

You can reach your boat within 45 minutes after landing at the airport and settle in easily. We are sure that sailing by boat instead of moving on land during the hot summer months will make you feel comfortable.

With Luxury Yacht Charter on your holiday in Turkey, you can quickly reach the bays of Bodrum and prepare for the nightlife after enjoying the sea. 

It feels great to have your morning food in the azure bays and spend joyful times in the water. But it is also possible to go to entertainment venues in Bodrum in the evening. You can quickly reach the land with the motoryacht and continue the entertainment in the night clubs.

Luxury Yacht Charter Turkey Holiday Prices

With Luxury Yacht Charter there are multiple details about the budget when planning a holiday in Turkey. For example; Gulets are more affordable boats than motor yachts. 

How many days of vacation you will have for Turkey and the length of your route is another factor. You can rent a boat for more affordable budgets to have a short-term holiday and spend time in certain bays. 

We also have guests who want to explore the whole Aegean and Mediterranean region. You can plan your ideal vacation time according to the route. For example; You may also want to explore the Greek Islands. Then; first it is necessary to plan a route in the form of Bodrum and its surroundings, then the Greek Islands. 

You can stretch your stay according to the time you will spend in the region you are going.

Special offers are created for you and your group of friends about Luxury Yacht Charter Turkey.

You can specify your journey with and without a captain. Service and option of food is another factor. Many people don't want to waste time cooking on vacation. Our chefs who are experts in their field; They accompany you throughout the blue voyage. You can taste the delicacies of Aegean and Mediterranean cuisine. You can also plan the menus according to your own tastes.

De Yachting Team creates a personalized plan for you and generates your total prices accordingly in line with your budget.

You can contact us to learn more for reservations and planning the best route for you.