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What You Need to Know About Life on Gulet

What You Need to Know About Life on Gulet

Life on gulet; It is one of the most curious topics of our guests who love the sea and dream of spending their time in the sea.  On the deep blue sea, you can enjoy long summer days.

How does it feel that your gulet charter holiday is a long-lasting experience for you?

We will try to talk about all the details of living in the sea for a long time.

Life on gulet can be managed by different criterias according to the boat types of our guests. For periods under 1 week; If you do not need to replenish water on your boat, you can continue your life without going ashore.

In the Aegean Sea and Mediterranean region, you do not need to stay at the Marina every night. Constantly mooring in the marina will cause you to pay higher prices in terms of cost. Therefore, many people prefers to stay at the Marina on days when she will be shopping for refueling, water supplements or boats.

If you are planning a holiday lasting longer than 1 week for Life on gulet; It is a great advantage to have a smaller boat on the gulet. Because, you may want to go ashore, take evening walks in resort towns. We spend a large part of our lives in the city. Although you love long holidays; You may want to go ashore and blend into life there as well. This way, you can sail for your short-term needs without entering the Marina each time.

Life on Gulet and Nutrition Options

Life on gulet can get you away from the mundane responsibilities that your daily life brings. You know that; When you go on a boat holiday, you feel a great relief and peace. Preparing breakfast and cooking every day on the boat makes your day unproductive. Most of the time we don't want to waste our time like that. Especially if you have a certain holiday period only in the summer months, you can get support from the boat crew in everything except entertainment.

In the gulet charter process; Together with the captain, the cook (chef) can accompany you. 

As De Yachting Team we will help you with our experienced staff and master chefs.

In the process of life on gulet; You can make choices that will suit you and your group's tastes. You can apply vegetarian menus, diet menus or types of nutrition for your special health needs. Many of our guests want to taste fish and seafood. Nevertheless; You may also like the rich menus of Aegean and Mediterranean cuisine. Breakfast dishes with olive oil or vegetable dishes are great.

You can plan alcoholic and non-alcoholic menu options together with your chef. 

Delicious appetizers also help you to get rid of the sweet tiredness of the day at dinner.

When you make a gulet charter in turkey, every option is available to you.

For life on gulet, it is good to think a lot or do a lot of research. However, once you have experience with it, you have discovered the most important hobby of your life. 

And every time you create an opportunity; You may want to live on the boat for a while without caring too much about the season. In the Aegean and Mediterranean region; You can get the chance to live on the boat in any season of the year.

What are the Blue Voyage Holiday Activities?

Life on gulet does not represent a day when 24 hours pass quickly. We live our daily lives very quickly with the responsibilities of city and business life. But when In the deep blue bays; You wake up energetic early in the morning. After sobering up by swimming in the sea for a while, you start the day with a great breakfast on the boat. 

In the process of life on gulet; In the summer you will see different water sports in your area. For example; There are dozens of options for JetSky in Bodrum. If you are on the Gökova side; Kitesurfing is another popular option. You can go paragliding in Fethiye Ölüdeniz. 

You can go scuba diving in Kas, Kalkan and Kekova in Antalya. Sunken city under the sea; It's a great experience for those who love scuba diving.

Gulet charter is also related to which season you will go on the Blue Cruise. Mostly summer months are preferred. However, some true sea lovers also prefer the spring and autumn months. Away from the crowd; They love a calm and peaceful boating life.

Sailing in different seasons of the year; They can have various difficulties. 

At this point; De Yachting Team provides you with a safe and trouble-free holiday by transferring its experiences to you.

We are people who have been in love with the sea for many years. In almost every season of the year; we enjoyed living in the Aegean and Mediterranean Bays.

We convey all we know to our guests for a joyful, peaceful and comfortable experience.

You can contact us about anything you are curious about.

We wish you to enjoy the summer evenings with your loved ones on the boat, full of laughter.