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What is Gulet?

What is Gulet?

Gulets are some of the most amazingly comfortable boats anywhere in the world. The word Gulet gave birth to the French “Golette” and the Spanish “Goleta”, the Italian Gulletta, and probably the English “Cutter”. There has been some discussion among academics as to whose loanword it really is, but it’s really unimportant where the word originated; suffice to say that these beautifully designed wooden sailing ships were originally built milleniums ago by the diverse peoples who plied the Eastern Mediterranean coastlines trading their wares. Today, the Bodrum Gulet is still a work of art, with hulls and decks made entirely of wood, except, of course for the mechanical and electrical bits that are state of the art.

They have also evolved into “motor-sailers” as opposed to sailing vessels, so many Gulets have twin diesel engines that can propel them at about 8 to 12 knots. These days, they mainly sail down wind and definitely do not point well into the wind. There is usually a spacious aft deck with a large table or tables where the guests eat their meals, There is usually a nice gathering space (good for cocktail hour) forward that is covered with an awning. Because the hulls and decks are made of wood, Gulets are amazingly cool inside even in the heat of the Mediterranean luxury charter. Equally when it’s cooler outside, they will keep a nice toasty temperature inside. The design of today’s Bodrum Gulet is straightforward. There is normally a huge master’s or owners cabin in the poop (aft) then a long corridor running down the center of the vessel with staterooms or cabins on each side.

There are Gulets that can accommodate 4 or 8 passengers all the way up to 8 or 36 passengers. Gulets can be rented by whole boat. Renting a whole boat is called chartering and there are many different flavors of legal charter contracts depending on the jurisdiction, the flag she’s running under, her registration and the charter destination. De Yachting specializes in chartering Gulets all over Turkish Aegean Riviera. We know most of the good gulets and their crews as well as the different destinations and itineraries. De Yachting also have representation in Turkey to help make your charter experience the least stressful as possible. After all, you’re there to enjoy and not to worry about transportation, or other special requests that you may have upon arrival at your destination.

Turkish Gulet Classes

Standart Gulets:

With 60-80 feet LOA, gulets have 2-8 cabins accommodating up to 12 guests. All cabins with en-suite bathrooms and shower, spacious indoor saloon and outdoor aft deck, fully equipped galley, separate crew quarters, fishing and snorkeling equipment, generator, 24 hour hot water, canoe, stereo music system and VHF radio, sails, and dinghy. Air conditioning is available on some gulets.

Luxury Gulets :

80-110 feet LOA, 2-9 cabins or up to 18 guests. All spacious cabins have large en-suite bathrooms and shower, large indoor saloon and roomy aft deck, fully equipped galley, separate crew quarters, fishing and snorkeling equipment, generators, 24 hour hot water, canoe, dinghy, sails, stereo music system, VHF radio, television, and ice maker. All vessels have individual air conditioning units in each cabin. Air condition can work maximum 8 hours in a day.

Vip Gulets :

90-140 feet LOA, 2-16 cabins up to 36 guest. They have different size master cabins on board. All cabins resemble guests rooms in a fine home-beautifully furnished, comfortably arranged, and complete with the amenities one would expect form a thoughtful host: large port holes, individual air-conditioning, generous storage space, TV/VCR/DVD, mini refrigerator, and the tiled bathroom with shower. Extraordinary attention to details transforms the cruising and sailing into a unique experience in these gulets.