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Gulet Charter Turkey; Blue Cruise


Gulet Charter Turkey; Blue Cruise


Are you ready to discover the unique beauty of the blue cruise with your gulet charter Turkey holiday?

A holiday full of excitement, happiness and wonderful memories is waiting for you. Gulet charter Turkey holiday, you can have a peaceful experience with your group of friends or family. You may feel mesmerized by the thousands of years of splendor of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. When you wake up in the morning, you will not have to try to sober up by drinking coffee. Because, in a sheltered bay, the breeze of the forest and the songs sung by crickets; they will accompany your awakening. You will start your day with the greeting of the warming sun on a deep blue sea. Maybe after a little swim, you can have a delicious Aegean breakfast with the chef's menu. When planning your gulet charter Turkey holiday, your food ration, chef and skipper choice is the key to enjoy the journey. While you enjoy the entertainment and the magnificent view, you will have the chance to taste delicious dishes. If you are planning a boat holiday for the first time; You may need some basic knowledge. Now, we want to share tips about boating holidays.



Generally, people who want to have a nostalgic and peaceful holiday; They prefer to go on a blue cruise with the gulet. Gulets; Compared to motoryachts, they are slower and more classic sailboats. Especially if you are planning a quiet holiday with your family or group of friends; Gulet charter may be suitable for you. To make the right choice here, it is worthwhile to also determine your route. Also; If you have a skipper certificate, you can also use the boat yourself. With an elegant wood-embroidered sailboat; Making your way to the azure horizon makes you feel amazing.



Gulet Charter Turkey, Which Routes Should I Charter?


Many of our guests who are researching about gulet charter Turkey; wants to have an idea about destinations.

Are there any destination restrictions when chartering a gulet?

You should take a look at the routes before deciding on your gulet charter Turkey holiday. Only in the Aegean Region you will encounter unlimited options. For example; You may want to sail by boat with the basement as the starting point. There are multiple advantages to starting in Bodrum. After landing at the airport, you can easily come to Bodrum Center and settle in the boat.



As De Yachting team, we first guide you to make a perfect holiday plan. You can plan your route according to how long you have vacation time and your sense of fun. We can plan a suitable route.


Gulet charter on your holiday in Turkey; An experience starting from Bodrum and extending to Marmaris Bays and maybe Göcek Bays is waiting for you. At the same time, exploring the Greek Islands can be much more interesting to you. Then, within the Greek Islands; Kos, Meis, Kalymnos and Symi are the most curious destinations. During your boat holiday, you can explore the Hellenistic heritage of the Aegean Sea on a daily or overnight basis.



Is there a Gulet Charter Turkey Mediterranean Route?


There are so many beauties we want to give you about Gulet Charter Turkey; we don't know which one to tell. For many years, we have been proud to do our job with the joy and experience that being a sailor and the maritime culture bring to us.


We talked about the options of Bodrum and the Greek Islands. In addition to these; Let's take a look at another option where you will feel the dance of blue and green. Marmaris Bays, Fethiye Oludeniz and Gocek Bays also allow you to have a holiday in the most elegant bays of nature.


Gulet charter Turkey holiday, you can also add the Mediterranean Region to your route. Especially in Antalya, you will enjoy countless beauties. When you sail from the Aegean to Antalya; You can find immaculate bays for accommodation in Kaş and Kalkan.


With a true sailor spirit, you may want to go diving underwater. Kas and Kalkan, in particular, are great for making friends with exciting and cute animals in the underwater world. In the depths of the deep blue, clear sea; You can save memories to your photo album with colorful fish and interesting underwater plants.


Gulet charter in Turkey; You can taste the natural vegetables and fruits of the Aegean and the Mediterranean. You will meet and be enchanted by the most delicious form of fresh seafood.

If you don't want to cook during the holidays; Our talented chefs can accompany you.  To suit your taste; You can enjoy the menus of your choice during the holidays.


De Yachting team accompanies you in preparing your personalized holiday plan. For all your curiosities, you can contact us now to make your personal holiday plan.